To podcast or not to podcast

“In the future everybody will have a podcast for fifteen episodes.” – Andy Warhol

At least I think Warhol said that. I’m sure I read it on Facebook…

I took my first run at podcasting in 2007, back when it was about as mainstream as CB radio and had fewer listeners. I’d written and directed a movie about the challenges facing Canada’s forests, and I saw podcasts as a way to carry on the conversation outside of the theatre.

I had a blast. It was like having my own radio show without any team to help me out or, you know, any form of payment. Okay, it was like having a radio show in 2018.

I contacted friends in radio-land, asked them to recommend a recorder and started interviewing cool people about environmental issues.

I already worked as a journalist so interviewing cool people wasn’t new to me…

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