Scarlet Fever: Saving Scarlet or Spinning Scarlet?

The Plan to Save J-50 — the Emaciated Orca

You must have heard about the dramatic rescue plan to save Scarlet (J-50)— the emaciated young endangered southern resident orca. I’m a big fan of the Disney version of this story where Americans, Canadians and the Lummi Nation swoop in to give the dying young orca the medical treatment she needs, before sending her home to her family with a Free Willy flourish. I not only want to see that movie, I want to write that movie. But I don’t think we’re living that movie.

I was talking about Scarlet on CFAX radio yesterday right after sitting in on the virtual press conference about the headline-grabbing plan to save the sick orca. The last vet to see her, Joe Gaydos, from the SeaDoc Society said Scarlet was like “the Energizer bunny.” It was astonishing how much energy the little orca still had. He also said she was the “thinnest” orca he’d ever seen.

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