Moby Doll

IF YOU WANT TO harpoon a killer whale from the safety of the shore, there is no better place on the planet than East Point. For as long as anyone can remember, black and white behemoths have gathered every summer off Saturna, one of British Columbia’s southernmost Gulf Islands, not far from the edge of the imaginary line in the Strait of Georgia that marks the Canada-US border.

On a mild, sunny day in May 2013, small clusters of scientists, researchers, and amateur naturalists are gathered here, too, on an outcropping of sandstone, to learn about the world’s last killer whale. A Parks Canada guide points to the spot that once served as the base for a harpoon gun. It was here, on this quiet idyll of an island, that a Vancouver Public Aquarium crew harpooned Moby Doll nearly fifty years ago and accidentally turned her into a cause célèbre.

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